However, Wang Jue said, "I have an urgent matter to report to Gu Gongbeizhi."

Everyone knows that everything Wang Jue says is smiling without saying a word.
Wang Jue said, "The people in the eye-catching state are attached to their parents like women, and they come uninvited and wholeheartedly serve Gu Gong. At this moment, it can be said that it is a common aspiration to humble themselves and ask Gu Gong to make great achievements early."
Wen Yanbo said, "The same is true of my humble position. There was a vision long ago, and the people had prophesied that there should be a saint in the 29 th phase!"
Li Chong Jiu Yi leng heart way, this is also ok. Chong Jiu Chong Jiu is the same as 29. Remember what the fortuneteller and his father said in those days?
After Wang Jue and Wen Yanbo made their statements, Wei Zheng also said, "I am humble and seconded."
Chen Xiaoyi several aside civilian also said.
Lee Chong-jiu’s eyes swept the crowd and said with a smile, "Since you have recommended me so much, I will be reconciled with people in Sunchon."
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven The title dispute
You Zhou ci Shi fu
Youzhou civil and military officials gathered
Since Wen Yanbo and Chen Xiaoyi, more than 30 officials in the Secretariat House are all in the Chief House, and so are more than 20 officials in the Chief House, such as Wei Zhi Lu Chengqing. In addition, five or six officials, such as Jixian County Magistrate, Xiancheng County Commandant, are also sitting in the left column.
Wen Zuowu’s right and right columns are naturally Xu Shiji, Xue Wanche, Wang Junkuo, Wang Mahan and other generals of the Han army, while Yinghe Futuo and other generals are also sitting.
The lobby is crowded with hundreds of people. Because there are too many people, such as Wen Yanbo, Xu Shiji and others, they still have mats, so they can sit by the door with their legs shoulder to shoulder.
Everyone gathered today because Li Chongjiu is king, that is, it is a foregone conclusion, but the specific details are heavy. The opinions of the public officials are different. It is difficult to adjust the opinions of one department and one discussion. I don’t know when to finish. Today, everyone gathered together to find out.
Li Chongjiu sat in the theme and gently coughed, and all the officials stopped buzzing.
Li Chongjiu said, "I am the king, that is, the first thing is to correct my name. Do you think the country name should be drawn up?"
As soon as the words sound fell, Shi Gaoxu, the county magistrate of Zhuojun County, got up from Pu Xi and said, "My minister Wang Dingding was in Youzhou, which is an ancient Yan State. In ancient times, Zhao Gong was ordered by the King of Wu to destroy Shang Zhou, and the land was close to Yanshan, so the title of Yan Chen Yan State was more appropriate."
After Gao Xudao said Lu Chengqing, several people stood up to speak. They were all local people in Zhuojun County. They all expressed their opinions in the hope that Li Chongjiu Yan Guo would focus more on Hebei in the future.
However, some people have spoken out against the idea that "Yan State has always been located in the border, and it is difficult to have a sense of identity if it is regarded as a barbarian country by Central Plains people."
When this man finished speaking, Lin Dangfeng got up and said, "There is a cloud in the Book of Songs, and the mysterious bird descended, and the business was born because of the mysterious bird. Today, the business is still in the east, and the name of the three generations is far more than that of the prince and the king. Based on the name of Hebei business, people can gather together."
When this statement came out of the room, there was an uproar. Many officials were indignant and disdainful, saying, "How can we be violent in the name of the Shang Dynasty?"
Others said, "This man was born in a merchant’s firm, so he has to subvert the order of scholars, peasants, industry and commerce."
Others looked at Li Chongjiu and heard that Li Chongjiu was also born as a merchant. Is this the name of the merchant he meant?
Lin Dangfeng said unhurriedly, "I know that you are dissatisfied with the name of the business, but you have many misunderstandings about the prejudice against the business. Zhou historians have been arguing for a long time since the Spring and Autumn Period about the Yin business. Xia Zhou started in the west, while Yin business started in the east. When Zhou people destroyed the business, they claimed that Xia Yi resumed the summer and destroyed the business, while Wang started in Hedong and said that the business was naturally resumed and sought the west."
"Nonsense! Have a textual research? " An old official with white hair and beard got up and scolded.
Lin Dangfeng said, "Shi Youyun Zhou claimed to have Xia Hou Huaxia, claiming to be prosperous in summer, and divided enfeoffment countries such as Chyi Chin vassal States into different summers."
Lin Dangfeng’s words made the old official unable to speak, but he just repeated nonsense.
Li Chongjiu has gained a lot from listening to it. Today, we have always claimed that China was claimed by Zhou people in the Western Zhou Dynasty, but the reason why Zhou people called it this way was that they turned to Li Shimin to revive the summer, and now they have defected to Kong Yingda, who has not usurped the Five Classics, saying that China has etiquette, so it is called summer; It is obviously the result of one’s own imagination to call beauty China, but it has always affected today.
Of course, all this stems from the dispute between the East and the West. Both Xia and Zhou Dynasties rose in China, while the Shang Dynasty rose in the Xia Dynasty in Zhou Cheng, Hebei Province, so historians praised Xia and belittled Shang Dynasty.
Lin Dangfeng spoke for a while, but there were too many opponents. Although Li Chongjiu was sympathetic, everyone really didn’t like the Shang Dynasty in this era. Li Chongjiu wanted to be the merchant of the country, so he was the first to be ruled out
At this time, Ying Hefu got up and said, "What Yanshang country name is not as good as Zhou in my opinion."
Ying Hefu is worthy of being a military man. As soon as the majestic sound comes out, all the sounds in the hall are immediately suppressed. Everyone is thinking about what qualifications people have to dictate.
"What do you say?" Li Chongjiu asked with interest.
Ying Hefu respectfully said, "Zhou is the master of heaven, and we prairie people are also fond of it. When Yuwen founded the Northern Zhou Dynasty, it was a vast place beyond the Great Wall, but Yang Jian’s big Sui Dynasty usurped it. We can recover from the Zhou Dynasty and Sui Dynasty, and all grassland departments followed the wind."
Ying Hefu didn’t help Jichuan alone, but also got up and said, "Zhou attached importance to farming and taught people that farming was called prosperity in ancient times. Only the second generation of Zhou Dynasty and Han Dynasty enlightened Wang Dao, while many people were overbearing and harsh, and the vulgar and fake Zhou Guohao couldn’t be better."
Li Chongjiu listened to the reason why Ji Chuan recommended Zhou. It can be guessed that the surname of Shang State is Zhou, and Ji Chuan, a vassal state, was inclined to Zhou when he heard that Gansu was exiled.
Yu Yinghe Hefu and other people supported Zhou, and it was well understood that the Yuwen family who founded the Northern Zhou Dynasty was Xianbei people, and the Yinghe Fuxi people were also Xianbei people. At that time, the Yuwen Xianbei Xi people lived in Xianbei, Wuhou and Qinshui, which were closely related.
For example, the ancestors of Ying Hefu heard that it was a Duan Xianbei, and Eto heard that it was a descendant of Mu Xianbei, so they thought that Yuwen Xianbei’s establishment of the Northern Zhou Dynasty was very close to their Xi people.
Of course, Ying He Fu Jichuan’s opinion was opposed by Gao Xudao, Zhao Ran and other Youzhou people who recognized Yan Guo.
Zhao Ran said, "When the king of Zhou was in Beijing, he lived in Zhou and moved to Luoyi to the east, so it was called that the king of Zhou started thousands of miles away from Luoyang in Youzhou, so he could be the Zhou Dynasty."
Liu Yi, the chief of Anle County, objected, "If you say that you are in a secluded state in JI Wang, it is Wang Longxing when you later take the town of Huai Huang Yu Yi."
Chen Xiaoyi also objected to the statement that "the Sui Dynasty and the Sui Dynasty have been hanging down for decades, and the people are more kings. On the theory that both the north and the south are Sui families, if Zong Bang is restored in the Zhou Dynasty, Sui not only responds to the old officials in the Sui Dynasty, but also feels better about them."
The gentry in Youzhou strongly opposed it, but Ying Hefu and them insisted on death and were at loggerheads.
When the civil and military officials on both sides had a quarrel, they almost pulled out their fists, but Wang Mahan Tanzong and others were all indifferent to each other, whether it was Yan or Zhou or not. Their thing was that they felt that these were all one side, and the government officials were as noisy as bitches and cursed the streets, which was very interesting.
Li Chongjiu silently argued for a long time on both sides. Huo Ran got up and shouted loudly, "The country has not yet set up your grassland in Youzhou and claimed to be so noisy."
See Li Chongjiu angry when youzhou officials will all be handed over to GaoZui.
At this time, Xue Wanshu came forward and said, "Wang Zhixiang is going to sweep the sky and mix the north and the south. Whether it is the pattern of Youzhou or Saibei, it is a matter of sticking to the name of one country and one country."
Xue Wanshu’s speech made the civil and military officials nod at the same time, but some people also asked, "According to your meaning, what kind of country name can cover the whole world?"
Xue Wanshu said with a smile, "It’s just a matter of drawing a brick to attract jade or discussing it with the public."
At this time, I never spoke to Su Su, the chief of Taiyuan County.
Su Su said, "My king is Taiyuan Shi Ai, but Taiyuan Shi Ai is Zhao Wuling, the king of Zhao, riding and shooting his father, and Qin dares to attack Zhao, my name is the best."
Su Su is a high-ranking person of Uncle Li Chong’s 94th degree and a provincial official of his government, but his words dare to be opposed for a while.
Xue Wanche stood up and said, "In those days, Zhao rose in the north of Shanxi Province, with Lin Hu, Xiongnu, Donghu and Loufan strong in the east, and strong in the south, and fierce in the west, with tigers, wolves, Qin Zhao, people who were martial and light dead, and their fathers, Lian Po, Li Mu, Zhao She, Le Yi (Zhao), who defeated the powerful enemies in the four directions, stood in the princes, so I was still Zhao Yi."
Aside Wen Yanbo also said, "Zhao Wu has Lian Po, Li Muwen, Xun Lin Xiangru, Qin Shangwu, and Qin Manyi’s title, Yan Zhaowu, has no likes and dislikes, but among the warring states heroes, Zhao Shi is better than Yan Shi, and people still respect the death of Zhao on that day today without losing their backbone."
Su Su said, "Wang Zi came from Zhongshan Li and Zhongshan Li Zhao Mu lived in the same clan. In the past, Qin people killed Zhao Mu by mistake, and Zhao people secretly hated it. If Zhao Ke revived Zhao, it would be called the name of raiding Hedong."
Su Su said this, and many people nodded.
Wang Jue said, "The State of Yan and the State of Zhou are just fighting for the king in one place and one territory, Taiyuan and Zhongshan. After Li, the ancients respected their ancestors and respected their ancestors, and only when they collected their families could they say goodbye to each other. Therefore, the name of the country where Wang himself and his ancestors came from can be criticized."
Yoshikawa was a little angry, but he still didn’t give up the idea of big week and asked, "Is there a precedent for you to say that?"
Wang Jue smiled and said, "A mysterious bird was born without destiny. The Shang characters in Shang inscriptions are like a mysterious bird in a phoenix."
"Far-fetched!" Yoshikawa chidao
Wang Jue said, "Isn’t it God’s will that Zhou people were in Zhouyuan Xiang and Qishan were in Fenghao, but their ancestors lived in Zhouyuan Zhouguo?"
Jichuan smell speech suddenly one leng Wen Yanbo here laughed and said, "I have never heard of Wang Shujun’s extensive knowledge and strong knowledge, but I saw it at first sight today."
Wenyanbo smiled and said no more to Wei Zhi Jichuan.
When Li Chongjiu saw that many ministers stopped talking about it, he said with awe, "Good, then this matter should be named Zhao!" to be continued
Chapter four hundred and thirty Three generations of governance
Youzhou Street is near dusk at this time, and it is still full of people.
The curfew in Youzhou has been postponed for an hour, unlike when the sun goes down, the people have to hurry home, so the pedestrians are still on their way home when the lights are on.
Therefore, there are more and more restaurants in Youzhou. Scholars in Youzhou usually eat three meals, while ordinary people only eat two meals. When they say that Youzhou is in a peaceful year, after the autumn harvest, the price of food has dropped, and the price of wine has dropped compared with that in the official camp. Many scholars are also willing to go out to eat, drink and entertain friends.
The business of Zhaoxian Building, which is located near the county school, is still good. The shop assistant is holding several dishes in one hand, as fast as walking through the flower stairs, fragrant and fragrant, and serving the guests together. The dining table building and the stepping mother are also singing soft songs, which makes people feel relaxed and immersed in the songs all day.
In troubled times, even if there is no war for several years, the people in Youzhou have a hard time. Although all the people in and out of Zhaoxian Building are Youzhou people, the desktop is also three or four dishes, and a pot of turbid wine has no luxury.
A room on the second floor of Zhaoxian Building.
Jichuan, Liu Yi and Zhou Xu shared a table. This is from Huaihuang Town, which is becoming more and more prosperous beyond the Great Wall. In the past, the Chinese banquet was divided into meals, and everyone sat around a table to eat.
After the cook served warm wine, Yoshikawa asked him to leave the table. A plate of half-brewed goose covered with garlic and pig water, a plate of cold dishes and a small pot of kitchen cakes were the meals for three people.
Yoshikawa said in today’s meeting hall that he was thirsty for a day and didn’t wait for the wine to cool down. He drank several cups and Liu Yi put a chopstick on the side. Goose neck laughed. "Brother Ji’s meeting today is to celebrate with wine?"
At Liu Yi, Yoshikawa didn’t good the spirit and said, "It’s almost the same to congratulate each other with wine and drown my sorrows."
Zhou Xu and Liu Yi looked at each other with a smile. Today, the dispute between all the officials in the parliament hall was dark. Finally, Li Chongjiu announced the adjournment, which calmed the discussion.
Yoshikawa raised his glass and said, "Before the country is established, officials will argue with each other. Once the country is really established, the court will be turned upside down."
Zhou Xu said, "It’s rare for a monarch like Wei Jun, the commander of Wei Jun, to talk openly with coachable, but you are different from a villain. Do you remember that Xue Daoheng’s poems were famous all over the world but he accidentally provoked Yang Xiu’s disaster and was killed by heaven?"

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