At the same time, the darkness in the passage decreased rapidly, and the phoenix became excited.

"We made it! It’s time to end everything! "
The Phoenix Group opened a huge hole in front of it, and what appeared outside the hole was a virtual scene … At the same time, we could see the whole fleet behind the five warships that were pushed away.
"charge! Rush over! "
It feels like a flare explosion, and several phoenixes burst out from the hole where the stars in the virtual central plains are located.
The orange glow pounced on the death battleship troops not far away.
Nearly a thousand death warships immediately responded to the phoenix group, which is denser than the stars. They once again emitted dark rays.
The dark volley instantly killed tens of millions of phoenixes, but it had no effect on their progress. They kept going and drowned the last five dead warships in an instant.
After a few seconds, the five warships were split into small pieces and sprinkled into virtual space.
Then the phoenix turned to the rear fleet, and these death warships immediately retreated back.
While retreating at a high speed, the phoenix continued to kill the phoenix by emitting light beams in succession.
These beams are extremely destructive to Phoenix, but they are not enough for other objects. They all hit the Phoenix … platform.
Almost the whole star platform is now given out by the phoenix, and they have many shields in front of the army.
The beam hitting these platforms did not cause an effective attack.
And it can release long-range attacks, and there are no death warships …
Boom-!’ A spear-like’ force’ shot from the phoenix group, which instantly crossed the distance between the two armies and directly hit the target.
As soon as the first warship was hit, a big hole was created from beginning to end, and the power advance was not over yet.
The second ship, the third ship, the tenth ship, this powerful force penetrated ten warships in a row before stopping.
Some warships were not completely damaged, but they slowed down a lot and were quickly swallowed up by the rushing phoenix army.
The remaining warships seem to have given up fighting, and they have made a series of dark gaps ahead and are about to escape from here.
"Boom-"and at the moment, Lin found that all warships … were shaken.
Their body stopped instantly, and no ship could go any further. Even if there was a solidification gap in front of them, they could not get in.
"It’s over! See the real miracle and witness the real power! "
The phoenix army approached the French death fleet, and many phoenixes in front quickly gathered together … forming thousands of high-speed rotating phoenix drills.
Meteor-like drill bit swarms drill into every death warship, and whether they resist by beam or other means, every warship here is finally twisted into scattered virtual debris.
When the last warship was ground, the Phoenix cheered in the wreckage.
It seems … it’s over, but it also means another.
"It seems that … the pioneers don’t need to do anything."
Similarly, the passive pioneers were relieved and a large army was prepared.
But at present, they are "watching"
They are powerful and shocked by the Phoenix, and then they are worried about the situation.
Pioneers can feel the oppression getting deeper and deeper.
This Lynn can feel it, too. It seems that Meade Xu will not leave so easily.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and sixty-seven Virtual miracle
"That’s a small part of the whole Midgardesh army."
Department of death warships … Actually Lin also don’t know how many.
However, the number of them should be far greater than that of a star phoenix.
But they don’t seem to send troops again immediately, which gives Phoenix some rest.
Also gave Lin some time.
The creature was willing to continue … chatting with Lin before helping Phoenix remove the negative place.
It means you can tell Lynn more about it.
For example … its identity is actually not the real founder here or one of the founders here.
There is not one creator of this channel, but there are actually many.
As Lynn knows, it is a very old tunnel … but in fact it is much older than Lynn knows.
What … is even older than the common’ send’
Virtual travel is a problem for most creatures … Compared with the present way that only buses and a few creatures can send it, another kind of delivery is more popular in the former virtual middle.
Now communicate with Lin, the founder, Lin has decided to call it’ sand ball’ because of its’ job’
Sand ball is a species in that ancient era-at that time, as far as it knows, almost all creatures in the virtual range would make … move if they wanted to travel a long distance.
This is actually very simple to say. At that time, there was a lot of independence in the virtual.
There are some entrances and exits connecting the virtual center with a considerable distance.
For example, it is possible to walk 10 thousand years into a place and float for a few seconds before coming out.

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