So it’s not easy for Lazio to play at home.

They were late in scoring the goal in the game.
Commentator Caressa said that he could see that Lazio players were not in good shape.
But fortunately Lazio is still very strong.
When the overall state is not good, they still have star players to rely on for their personal skills.
Lazio finally scored the only goal of the game with a header from Klose.
Lazio beat Genoa 1-0 away with a qualified goal.
Got their new year’s door red
Now Lazio have played two games less than other league opponents because they have gone to play the World Club Cup.
However, even if we miss two games, Lazio’s ranking and lead will not be affected.
Now, after ten league games, Lazio has played less than two games, and the league ranking is still in the first place with 40 points and the second place. AC Milan has played ten rounds, and their points are 39 points, and Lazio has nine points more than them. There is nothing to worry about.
Even if Lazio lost in the two minor games and then in the make-up, Lazio still has a nine-point lead, so don’t worry.
Three days later, in the 19th round of Serie A, Lazio beat Lecce Pepper 3 at home.
In this game, Lazio’s state will be much better than three days ago. It can be seen that Lazio coaching staff has done a lot of targeted work.
After Lecce, Chang Sheng flew to Zurich with david silva, Sese Passareira, modric, Gotze and other players.
They will attend that award ceremony of the 21st FIFA golden globe award held there.
Except david silva, several other players were selected as FIFA Player of the Year.
And Chang Sheng was selected into the list of the top three coaches of the year.
Along with him, Spain’s national team coach Bosco and Barcelona’s coach Guardiola were selected for the three-person list.
Among the best coaches, Bosque is the one who can compete with the winning team, because he led the team to the World Cup, and the winning team is the six-time champion coach.
Generally speaking, the media is more optimistic about winning. After all, the limelight is always better than the explosion of Bosque.
Although Bosco won a World Cup championship, he is not as winning as usual in terms of the number of championships.
And now the status of football World Cup is getting lower and lower, and football professionals pay more attention to the Champions League.
The most important thing is that the winning results are really dazzling.
Three champions in half a year and three champions in half a year. He won the championship undefeated in Lazio this season, which is even more exaggerated so far … Victory!
He broke almost all the records in European football.
If you can’t be elected as the best coach, there must be a black-box operation.
This is also the first time that FIFA has set up the coach of the year, which was not available before the selection
The winner doesn’t care about this. He doesn’t need to rely on awards to prove his best. The Serie A Oscar has never given him the best coach award for no reason. He now thinks that the so-called time will tell who is the best coach. History will leave the name of the champion coach, and the coaches selected by selection will appear in the award ceremony for several years, but no one will remember their names.
He cares more about whether david silva can win the prize, and he also hopes that david silva will win the prize because it is the best affirmation of his efforts and sweat.
David silva seems very excited these days. I can see that he is also looking forward to winning the prize. After all, this is the highest praise for a player in international football.
Look at the previous Golden Globe winners, who are all world-class superstars!
David silva, if he can win this award, there is no doubt that he will also jump from a first-class European star to a world-class superstar!
This prospect is really attractive.
And for david silva, this Golden Globe Award is even more special.
Because he suffered a serious injury for more than half a season before, this injury directly changed his playing style and changed him from a winger to a midfielder.
Many players are hard to get back to their peak after such serious injuries.
And he didn’t. Not only that, he also had a chance to win the Golden Globe Award on the top stage of a player!
How difficult it is for him …
All others are more eager to win this prize.
This award can prove that his efforts are rewarding and meaningful.
This award can encourage him to continue on this road.
This is an affirmation of his life.
In fact, he also thinks that it should not be a big problem for him to win this award.
He is both the Champions League champion and the World Cup champion. He also won the league championship, the national cup champion, the Italian Super Cup and the European Super Cup … even the World Club Cup was in his pocket.
His performance is also very stable and he is an indispensable and important player for Lazio.
He also has excellent goals and wonderful assists, and statistics support him to win the prize.
Is there any reason not to let him win this prize?
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Millie suspense

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