Just like the first time I saw the scene, a man in a white suit came out and said something, and then they went in behind the man.

I’m going to kv!
It was so simple to recruit a young lady, but I never thought it was not that simple.
When I saw them, all the departments went in
I took a look at my mobile phone from my mouth.
I want to go in in five minutes and then five minutes.
Because I’m afraid I’ll be embarrassed to die if I run into Xia Qianqian right now.
My eyes were fixed on the screen of my mobile phone.
So one minute passed by.
Five minutes later, I put my mobile phone back in my pocket.
After that, I tidied up my clothes and went in towards the door of kV.
After walking to the door of kv, two men dressed in black stood in my way.
I stopped when I saw two people suddenly blocking my way.
Shit. Oh?
What happened?
What’s your attitude of always taking money away?
I said, what is this? What’s going on? Why are you blocking it?
The thinner man on the left said you can’t go in here.
Mom, I can’t go in, okay? When I heard that, I fucked! I naturally asked, hello?
The thin man said that you are not that person our boss want to see.
I was stunned when I heard this.
Look at that. That’s a fucking joke
I ha ha sneer at a.
I said, your boss is really awesome. Do you know everyone who enters the store?
But say what? Those two people won’t let me in.
I spent 2 yuan to come here and let the sea breeze blow in the green belt for five minutes!
Ma Dan was just about to enter. You fucking said not to let his wife in … Are you kidding me?
I took out a cigarette from my pocket and then courted two men and said, two big brothers, just let me in.
The man said, get out of here. Don’t hinder the company from doing business here
Nima doesn’t eat hard or soft. It’s really a hard horn to stretch the donkey’s hoof under the bed! !
Come on, don’t smoke, right Suck!
I pulled a cigarette out of my cigarette case and dropped it in my mouth.
I snapped twice after lighting the cigarette! But to be honest, I’m really upset!
Actually, I am a timid person. Why do I have to get involved in muddy water?
I took a sip of my cigarette and shook my head!
I’m talking about people. Sometimes it’s like this, always tangled with contradictions.
After smoking two cigarettes, I turned to look at the two men at the door and said, please let me in?
However, at this time, there was a click behind him.
I quickly turned to look at the sound direction.
Oh, my god, it turned out to be a scantily clad commodity.
But I saw her bag with a sand scarf around her neck
I don’t guess it must be a little rich woman.
The woman is walking towards the door of kv in high heels.
That woman didn’t even look me in the eye when she passed me.
How come…
I usually feel good about myself!
How can being tall and handsome be regarded like this?
Feel a little heartbroken

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